Past Seminar Speakers by Academic Semester

SemesterTitle of PresentationSpeakerAffiliation
Summer 2018Taking Away the Punch Bowl: Monetary Policy and Financial InstabilitySheedy, KevinThe London School of Economics and Political Science
Household Time Use Among Older Couples: Evidence and Implications for Labor Supply ParametersWallenius JohannaStockholm School of Economics
Hours Worked Across and Within CountriesFuchs-Schündeln, NicolaGoethe University Frankfurt
Job Search Behavior Among the Employed and Non-EmployedSahin, AysegulFederal Reserve Bank of New York
Taxes, Private Equity, and Evolution of Income Inequality in the USDyrda, SebastianUniversity of Toronto
Nonlinear Household Earnings Dynamics, Self-Insurance and WelfareFella, GiulioQueen Mary, University of London
Small and Large Firms over the Business CycleCrouzet, NicolasNorthwestern Kellogg School of Management
Identifying Banking CrisesBaron, MatthewCornell University
A New Way to Quantify the Effect of UncertaintyRichter, AlexanderFederal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Occupations, Skills and Barriers to Labor ReallocationDürnecker, GeorgUniversity of Munich
Winter 2018Labor Market Implications of Unemployment Benefit ExtensionsManovskii, IouriiUniversity of Pennsylvania
Credit, Bankruptcy, and Aggregate FluctuationsNakajima, MakotoFederal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Financial Crisis InterventionsSchroth, JosefBank of Canada
Measuring Geopolitical RiskIacoviello, MatteoBoard of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Regulation of Consumer Credit with Over-Optimistic BorrowersTertilt, MichèleUniversity of Mannheim, University of Chicago
Employment and the Collateral Channel of Monetary PolicySurico, PaoloLondon Business School, Bank of England
Human Frictions in the Transmission of Economic PolicyWeber, MichaelUniversity of Chicago, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
What to Expect from the Lower Bound on Interest Rates: Evidence from Derivatives PricesMertens, ThomasFederal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Optimal Progressivity with Age Dependent TaxationViolante, GianlucaPrinceton University
Exploiting MIT Shocks in Heterogeneous-Agent Economies: The Impulse Response as a Numerical DerivativeMitman, KurtStockholm University
Firm Demographics an the Great RecessionClementi, Gian-LucaNew York University, Stern Business School
Summer 2019Escaping the Losses from Trade: The Impact of Heterogeneity on Skill AcquisitionFerriere, AxelleParis School of Economics
Rationalizing Trading Frequency and Returns: Maybe Trading is Good for YouCooper, RussellEuropean University Institute
The Fiscal Theory of the Price Level in Overlapping Generations ModelsFarmer, RogerUniversity of Warwick
The Aggregate Consequences of Tax EvasionScholl, AlmuthUniversity of Konstanz
Monetary Policy and Heterogeneity: An Analytical FrameworkBilbiie, FlorinUniversity of Lausanne
Trust Unraveled: The Long Shadow of the Spanish Civil WarValencia Caicedo, FelipeVancouver School of Economics
Over-reaction in Macroeconomic ExpectationsMa, YueranUniversity of Chicago Booth School of Business
On the Economic Impacts of Constraining Second Home InvestmentsHilber, ChristianLondon School of Economics
Winter 2019Uncovered Interest Parity, Forward Guidance and the Exchange RateGalí, Jordi University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona; CREI
Dynamic Information AggregationPedroni, MarceloUniversity of Amsterdam
The Aggregate Labor Supply Curve at the Extensive Margin: A Reservation Wedge ApproachSchoefer, BenjaminUniversity of California, Berkeley
Optimal Cooperative Taxation in the Global EconomyTeles, PedroCatólica-Lisbon, Bank of Portugal
Uncertainty, Imperfect Information, and Learning in the International MarketSenga, TatsuroQueen Mary, University of London
Real Effects of Relaxing Financial Constraints for Homeowners: Evidence from Danish FirmsDe Stefani, AlessiaDanmarks Nationalbank
Unemploymeny CyclesEeckhout, Jan University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona; CREI
The Indirect Fiscal Benefits of Low-Skilled ImmigrationSachs, DominikUniversität München
Imperfect risk sharing and the business cycleBerger, DavidDuke University
College Tuititon and Income InequalityHeathcote, JonathanFederal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Bubble-Driven Business CyclesLarin, BenjaminUniversity of St. Gallen
Summer 2020Sovereign Default in a Monetary UnionRomei, FedericaStockholm School of Economics
Long Live the VacancyReiter, MichaelInstitute of Advanced Studies (Vienna)
Herding CyclesSchaal, Edouard University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona; CREI
Bad Jobs and Low inflationMelosi, LeonardoFederal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Expectations, Welfare, and the Zero Lower BoundWiederholt, MirkoSciences Po Paris
Winter 2020Growing through Competition: The Reduction of Entry Barriers among Chinese Manufacturing FirmsZheng, YuQueen Mary, University of London
Investment Dynamics and Cyclical RedistributionZorzi, NathanUniversity of Southern California
Credit HorizonsKiyotaki, NobuhiroPrinceton University
Why Does Capital Flow from Equal to Unequal CountriesRomei, FedericaOxford University
The Gender Pay Gap: Micro Sources and Macro ConsequencesMoser, ChristianFederal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
The Transmission of Monetary Policy under the MicroscopeTischbirek, AndreasHEC Lausanne
Efficient RedistributionBoar, CorinaNew York University
The Vagaries of the Sea: Evidence on the Real Effects of Money from Maritime Disasters in the Spanish EmpirePalma, NunoThe Universiy of Manchester
Aging, Factor Prices and Capital MovementsKitao, SagiriUniversity of Tokyo
Skewed Business CyclesGuvenen, FatihUniversity of Minnesota
Unexpected Effects: Uncertainty, Unemployment and InflationRendahl, PontusCambridge University
Consumer Bankruptcy as Aggregate Demand ManagementAuclert, AdrienStanford University
Sovereign Default Risk and Firm HeterogeneityBocola, LuigiStanford University
Income Volatility and Portfolio ChoiceChang, YongsungRochester/Seoul National University