Retreat Presentation 2022

Retreat 2022. Seehotel Maria Laach from Friday, June 10 until Sunday, June 12


Day 1. Friday, June 10

8:00 Departure
9:00 Arrival, Welcome
10:00 Walking Tour
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Short Presentations
16:00 Break
16:30 Meeting
19:00 Dinner

Day 2. Saturday, June 11

7:00 Breakfast
8:30 Short Presentations
10:00 Break
10:30 Research Ideas
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Presentations Job Market
15:30 Break
16:00 Coaching Academic Writing
17:30 Student meets Supervisor
19:00 Dinner & Social Event

Day 3. Sunday, June 12

7:00 Breakfast
8:30 Presentations Job Market
10:00 Break
11:00 Check-out
10:30 Presentations Job Market
11:15 Seminar Faculty
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Student meets Supervisor
18:00 Departure


Short Presentations by first years PhD

Sebastian Hildebrand“Distributional Consequences of Monetary Unions”30 min
Luis Calderon“Macroeconomics and Financial Markets”30 min
Mark Toth“A macroeconomic analysis of homeownership-incentivizing fiscal policy”30 min
Marcel Brambeer“Effects of monetary policy on financing conditions”30 min
Lorenzo Ranaldi“Unexpected inflation and asset returns through history”30 min
Fabio Stohler“Business creation and government debt”30 min

Research Ideas Presentations by PhD and Prof.

PhD/ProfessorResearch IdeaDuration
Maximilian Grimm“The effects of mortgage market liberalization on house prices”5 min
Simon Heiler“Mismatch unemployment in Germany”5 min
Martin Kornejew“Creditor Conflict: Law and business cycles”5 min
Leanne Nam“Poor in the United States”5 min
Ana Sofia Pessoa“The Political Costs of Austerity”5 min
Mariam Petrosyan“Intrinsic and Environmental Determinants of Functional Disability in Old Age”5 min
Lennard Schlattmann“Occupational persistence and consumption commitments”5 min
Gero Stiepelmann“Optimal Short-Time Work Policy”5 min
Christian BayerMonopsony Makes Firms not only Small but Unproductive: Why East Germany has not Converged”5 min
Pavel Brendel“Earnings inequality and pension sytsem progressivity”5 min
Keith Küstertba5 min
Moritz Kuhn“Which Ladder to Climb? Decomposing Life Cycle wage Dynamics” with Christian Bayer5 min
Joachim Jungherr“Corporate debt maturity matters for monetary policy”5 min
Jing Zeng“Magin Setting in OTC Derivatives Market and System Risk”5 min
Donghai Zhang“The (mis)perceived slope of the Phillips curve: Monetary policy with limited aware agents”5 min

Presentations Job Markets by 3rd year PhD

3rd year PhDTopicDuration
Ricardo Gabriel “Public Procurement, Credit, and Firm Dynamics”30 min
Matthias Gnewuch“Imperfect Competition and Macroeconomic Fluctuations”30 min
Sonja Dobkowitz“The Role of Fiscal Policies in Meeting Climate Targets”30 min
Maximillian Weiß“Stock price booms from technology news in a HANK model with portfolio choice”30 min
Moritz Mendel “Heterogeneity in macroeconoic expectations”30 min

Seminars by Prof.

ProfessorCoaching TopicDuration
Farzad Saidi“Coaching/Academic Writing”90 min
Thomas Hintermaier“Diffenreces in Euro- Area Household Finances and their Relevance for Monetary-Policy Transmission” with Winfried Koeniger45 min
Farzad Saidi“Feasible Stimulus and Constrained Monetary Policy” with Ulf Nielsson, Jepser Rangvid, Daniel Streitz, Christian Wolf45 min