Retreat Presentations 2018 to 2021

YearIncoming Students (30 min)Outgoing Students (45 min)Presentations by Faculty
2018Martin DohmenDmitry KuvshinovChristian Bayer
Regional economic development during the industrial take off in Germany: The Congress of Vienna and the role of institutionsMarket sentiment and its economic impactHousing Freezes and Aggregate Demand
Marek IgnaszakBenjamin HartungIsabel Schnabel
Population Aging, Firm Dynamics, and Macroeconomic PerformanceThe Specialization of Firms and the Secular Decline in Worker Reallocation in the U.S.Asset Price Bubbles and Systemic Risk
Julius EltingGašper PlojKeith Kuester
The Distributional Effects of Macroeconomic PoliciesUnequal LivesThe Dark Side of Low Interest Rates
Ruben Dominguez DiazPia Pinger
Households portfolios and the (absence) of bankruptcy protection in SpainSocio-Economic Status and Inequalities in Children's IQ and Economic Preferences
Matthias Gnewuch
Forward Guidance and Asset Purchase News: Breaking Down the Impact of ECB Communication
2019Maximilian WeissMarek IgnaszakPavel Brendler
News shocks in a HANK-model with illiquid assetsPopulation Aging and Business DynamismIncome Inequality and Political Inequality
Mariam PetrosyanPeng LiuDonghai Zhang
Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Heterogeneous Agent ModelsSocial Capital, Trade Credit and Monetary Policy TransmissionsTopics in Monetary Economics and Applied Macroeconomics
Ana Sofia PessoaLucas ter SteegeLingwei Wu
Wealth Inequality and Financial CrisesIncome Risk and Endogenous Bankruptcy over the Business CycleGender Inequality in Historial Context
Ricardo Duque GabrielMoritz Kuhn
Essays on Public Policy InteractionsIncome and Wealth Inequality in America, 1949-2016
2020 Martin KornejewNadezhda ZhuravlevaBecause of the SARS-COV2 outbreak in Europe, the 2020 retreat was held as a virtual 1-day event
Reconciling growing productivity dispersion with stable K/Y ratiosHow Bad is Labor Market Concentration?
Simon HeilerKai ArvaiThe focus of this event was exclusively on student presentations.
Labor Markets and Portfolio ChoiceThe Political Economy of Current Unions
Moritz MendelAlina Bartscher
The Option Value of SchoolingFemale Access to Credit
2021 Gero StieplemannNadezhda ZhuravlevaMoritz Kuhn
The Influence of Short Time Work on Labor Hoarding and WelfareHow Bad Is Labor Market Concentration? Evidence From Soviet (Urban) SatellitesModigliani Meets Minsky: Inequality, Debt, and Financial Fragility in America, 1950-2016
Lennard SchlattmannRuben Dominguez DiazChristian Bayer
Are financial crises more likely in low interest rate environments?Precautionary Savings and Financial FrictionsThe liquidity channel of fiscal policy
Maximilian GrimmKeith Kuester
The effects of mortgage market liberalization on house pricesThe Exchange Rate Insulation Puzzle
Peter HeinemannJing Zeng
Ambiguous Unemployment InsuranceResolution of Multinational Banks
Leanne Nam
Optimal Progressive Pension Systems in a Life-cycle Model with Heterogeneity in Job Stability
Lixing Wang
The Long-term Impact of First Job and Inequality in Lifecycle Earnings
Year5 min. Research Presentations bySoft-skills InstructionTeam Building Activities
2018 ProfessorsPresentation Skills
Moritz Kuhn, Thomas Hintermaier, Benjamin Born, Moritz Schularick, Markus Riegler (1) Positioning Your Topic and Motivating Your Talk (2) Tailoring your Talk to the AudienceTeam building activities consisted of one indoor and one outdoor event
Doctoral Students
Kaspar Zimmermann, Alina Bartscher, Lisa Daehne, Lucas ter Steege, Kai Arvai, Peng Liu, Branislav Albert
(3) Stress Management and Focusing Strategies (4) Handling the Audience Discussion Personalized Coaching Students met with their supervisors and presentation coach over two hours the first two days of the retreat
2019 ProfessorsPersonalized Coaching
Keith Kuester, Thomas Hintermaier, Christian Bayer, Moritz Schularick, Markus Riegler Students met with their supervisor teams over two hours the first two days of the retreat
Doctoral StudentsTeam building activities consisted of one indoor and one outdoor event
Nadezhda Zhuravleva, Ruben Domi­nguez Di­az, Matthias Gnewuch, Alina Bartscher, Lisa Daehne, Martin Dohmen, Branislav Albert
2020 Doctoral Students
Ruben Dominguez Di­az, Matthias Gnewuch, Sonja Dobkowitz, Ricardo Duque Gabriel, Ana Sofia Pessoa, Mariam Petrosyan, Maximilian Weiss, Martin Dohmen, Branislav Albert, Kaspar ZimmermannNo activity because of the SARS-COV2 outbreak in Europe (virtual retreat). The retreat was shortened to a 1 day virtual event, focusing on the doctoral students' latest researchNo activity because of the SARS-COV2 outbreak in Europe (virtual retreat)
2021 ProfessorsPersonalized Coaching
Pavel Brendler, Thomas Hintermaier, Joachim Jungherr Students met with their supervisor teams over two hours the first two days of the retreatTeam building activities consisted of one indoor and one outdoor event\bottomrule
Doctoral Students
Sonja Dobkowitz, Martin Dohmen, Ricardo Duque Gabriel, Matthias Gnewuch, Simon Heiler, Martin Kornejew, Ana Pessoa, Mariam Petrosyan, Maximilian Weiss