Investing into the Future – Economic Strength as a Global Power Tool? – Panel Discussion with Dr. Werner Hoyer and Prof. Dr. Isabel Schnabel on Nov 09, 2017

November 09, 2017
6-8pm (c.t.)
University Forum
Heussallee 18-24, 53113 Bonn

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While the rate of economic growth has declined in Europe, Asian countries are experiencing significant economic growth and are transforming their economies into global hubs. How do such geoeconomic power shifts affect the international order based on the Bretton Woods institutions? Many fear a loss of influence and power: in the U.S., the push for protectionism is gaining momentum, and uncertainty over the future of international leadership and power is also spreading in Europe as the continent loses its economic weight.

Geoeconomic power can certainly have a strong impact on political decision-making, international rules and institutions. This raises multiple questions: How will global power relations shift due to the rise of China and Asia? How can Europe and Germany retain their influence in the world and protect the liberal economic order in the future? How to deal with alternative institutions and structures that challenge the existing order? And what role will economic strength play in the diplomatic ties between Asia and Europe in the coming decades?

The event takes place in cooperation with Bonn University’s Institute for Finance and Statistics.


Dr. Werner Hoyer
President of the European Investment Bank

Prof. Dr. Isabel Schnabel
Professor of Financial Economics at Bonn University and Member of the German Council of Economic Experts

**NOTE: This event will be held in English.**